Lon las bike modifications 1

And now to get this bike sorted.

Happily today is my birthday and look what I got!

A cheque from a cherished relative and some bar ends.

First a little tale of travels from years gone by.

In 2012 I rode from London to Paris on a road bike. The route was a mixture of Sustrans in England and Routes vertes in France. The bike is a carbon racer, light as a feather, but skinny road tyres and an equally skinny saddle coupled with Sustrans surfaces made the English leg a bruising experience. At least the drops  spared my wrists the fate met by my coccyx.

In 2013 I struck out in a more eccentric direction and cycled from Blue Anchor in Somerset to Harwich in Essex, then on to Amsterdam from the Hook of Holland. This was a much longer odyssey, totting up 500 miles on the road by the time I got home. There were some train sections on the way back so I decided the folding Dahon 26″ was the steed of choice. Modifications included fat tyres and a slimline rack (maybe more on this anon) but straight bars proved my nemesis (or one of them). There are only 2 positions for the hands on these bars, the proper grip and the not safe “round the ends of the bars” version. So wrists were sore. The sorest part in a fierce competition for sorest.

And so bar ends.

Another experiment?

Lets get get them fitted and get out on the road for some trials.


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