Lon las training day-19 to day -17

Somerset from Elworthy Beacon The Giant at 1500ft

Saturday and yesterday were crystal clear easterly kind of days with a chilly wind out to get you, yet warm as summer in sheltered spots. Azure sky with no cloud. Both offered chances for rides to start emulating my hilliest riding days across Wales in just over 2 weeks time. So I managed two 30 mile rides up onto Exmoor with 2100 and 2500 feet climbing. both were great experiences, with brilliant views, not many cars and feeling pretty good most of the time. I’ve been working on my use of the Garmin 800 which I failed spectacularly with on my trip across to Amsterdam in 2013. Now I’m saving activities onto my SD card, and have just followed a great post  http://www.forgot.co.uk/garmin-edge-navigation/edge-800/ to set up a new 16 GB microSD card (for the price of 2 pints!)  with downloaded OpenStreetMaps of UK. These downloaded pretty well even with my rubbish broadband and transferred across onto the Garmin and worked straight off – easy peasy! No risk of a ‘seized Garmin’ as occurred somewhere near Luton airport in 2013! But I have the back up of ride with GPS on my iPhone if this fails, and a set of paper maps for most of my route from good old Sustrans.


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