Lon las bike modifications 2

So on went the Brooks saddle leaving the Giant looking a bit sheepish with its new finery : Axiom rack and bar ends to boot. But no crud catcher on the back: won’t fit with the rack any which way I tried it. So how to stop a damp bum as the Ortliebs leave a gap up the middle? Roll up stuff in a waterproof bag and bungee it on I guess. Front crud catcher and milk bottle junk modelled extra fender will suffice up front http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/amazing-i-want-one-diy-front-fender

..and the Ortlieb barbag soon to be fitted (securely at last) with my new Klickfix adapter. The old wire cats’ cradle from Ortlieb was hopeless and bag droop  was inevitable..

Replaces the dodgy wire attachment that came with the Ortlieb barbag : preventing 'droop' that well known affliction of touring cyclists..

This fitted like a dream and with the optional extender lets me fit lights that don’t hide behind the bar bag (Ah! Sadly this proved wrong and am looking for a longer extender that means light not hiding behind top of bar bag!) and my iPhone in TorTec case (again proved not quite enough room : unless you leave bar bag at home which rather defeats object.) Road trials ( see prev post ) went well and lead me up to dress rehearsal level try-out today with Ortlieb rolltops – no,’ iPad, not rollmops, that’s herring- ( loaded up of course) .


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