Sicycling : Lon las day -4 ; rationalisation and extra rations

So my new short snappy blog title is indicative of where my mind is with only 4 days to go. It’s time to be pragmatic, with 1 more prep day tomorrow (3 day weekend working nearly done). I need to rest a bit, as I’m pretty tired with 8 straight days working behind me. I need to nail the last few items of my preparation : see later. I need to eat lots as I’m going to burn some calories next week. Great excuse to eat 3 M and S YumYums in 24 hours (among other foodstuffs). I missed lunch yesterday and did a 2 YumYum ride taking the long way home from work. 20 miles and about 1000 ft. climbed. 

The bike is sorted and minus the crossbar bottle cage: (annoying) is in its final fit-out:  

   Eagle eyes will note the reappearance of the rear mudguard after a rummage in the garage unearthed some flexible rack mounts that fix the Axiom nicely leaving just enough room for the crudcatcher in tail down conformation. Dry back, dry bar bag but wet shoes after several cloudbursts en route yesterday. More coming I fear so MayDay 10% sale purchases at this evening included new shoe covers. some new waterproof socks and lightweight Endura waterproof trousers as a treat! I’ve never had proper waterproof cycle trousers and felt the lack a few too many times last winter.  

 Another cycling bargain: and another cycling £100 gone!! 

So some sleep, some packing and charging of electronic gizmos is about all I have time for. And of course there’s eating!!


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