Cloudscapes of Scotland

Looking through my images from the Scotland and the Isles biking trip in June I was reminded about the amazing skies that dominate so many of the views. By skies I guess I often mean clouds: it does rain in Scotland 😉 . But I don’t remember seeing the variety of stunning cloudscapes elsewhere on my travels in Northern Europe and North America/ Canada. Something to do with our island geography I guess. Here are some favourites; some appear elsewhere in this blog ; others are new and, I hope, as interesting to others as to me!

Billowing and spilling cloud mass

a bit like a cloth thrown over a table (apologies to Cape Town)

And ominous/awesome a bit like the billowing skies in a Harry Potter movie, with ‘dementors’ swooping.

These first three were near to Glencoe as we started our long winding drive down south at the end of the week in the Isles.

The rest are a mixture of Isles and mainland with a little caption for each.


Ghostly Glencoe

Scotch mist on the drive to our cycle on Mull

High up on Mull later the same day

A long hot day comes to a close on southern Skye. The big mountains, all ‘Ben’s’ , are a massive presence made smaller by the lens.

Panorama of sea and sky on the north coast of Mull. As if in one of those fairground mirrors the foreground is curled and distorted, yet the horizon stays flat and the clouds seem to hover somewhere between the two.

Sunset looking from Ardvasar, Skye, toward Mallaig. And soon after moonrise. Clouds have moved far into the distance…but never go completely in Scotland!


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